Guile-2D 0.1 Release

September 27, 2013

To celebrate the GNU Project’s 30th anniversary, I have decided to make the very first release of my 2D game development framework for GNU Guile. GNU Guile is a Scheme implementation, and has the honor of being the official extension language of the GNU project. Guile-2D is a layer above SDL, OpenGL, FreeImage, and FTGL that provides abstractions for common 2D game programming requirements such as sprites, tilesets, animations, scripting, and collision detection.

There is a lot of work to do in order to get Guile-2D up to snuff with the game libraries for more popular languages like Python and Lua. I am looking for contributors who share my vision of creating a fully featured, easy to use game library in Scheme.

Guile-2D currently supports GNU/Linux distributions. I am looking for help to get it running on OS X and Windows.

Please refer to the,, and texinfo files to learn how to install Guile-2D, run example programs, and write your own games.

Browse the source code on GitHub