Jump to Jasmine Specs with Rinari

December 17, 2013

I use the rinari Emacs mode to assist me when working on rails projects. One of rinari’s most useful features is the ability to quickly jump from one file to another related file. I use this feature almost exclusively for jumping between a ruby class file and its associated rspec file, but lately I’ve been spending most of my time writing javascript. At VHL, we use jasmine for our unit testing framework and the jasmine ruby gem to integrate it with our rails projects. Rinari doesn’t have any built-in jump settings for jasmine test files, so I wrote this quick hack to make it work:

;; Make rinari jump to/from javascript source files and specs.
(setcdr (assoc 'javascript rinari-jump-schema)
          (("app/assets/javascripts/\\1.js" . "spec/javascripts/\\1_spec.js")
           ("spec/javascripts/\\1_spec.js"  . "app/assets/javascripts/\\1.js")
           (t . "spec/javascripts/.*")
           (t . "app/javascripts/.*"))
(rinari-apply-jump-schema rinari-jump-schema)

Now I can press C-c ; f j to jump between a javascript file in app/assets/javascripts/ and its jasmine test file in spec/javascripts/. Perhaps I shouldn’t be overwriting the predefined (but not very useful) javascript jump settings, but I really wanted to use the j key.