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2pi: Basics

a*: Path Finding
abort-game: The Game Loop
add-particle-emitter: Particles
after: Agendas
agenda-time: Agendas
agenda?: Agendas
animation-duration: Tile Maps
animation-frame-duration: Tile Maps
animation-frame-tile: Tile Maps
animation-frame?: Tile Maps
animation-frames: Tile Maps
animation?: Tile Maps
arc: Vector Paths
at: Agendas
attribute-location: Shaders
attribute-name: Shaders
attribute-type: Shaders
attribute?: Shaders
audio-bits-per-sample: Audio Files
audio-channels: Audio Files
audio-duration: Audio Files
audio-mode: Audio Files
audio-play: Audio Files
audio-sample-rate: Audio Files
audio?: Audio Files

below: Vector Paths
beside: Vector Paths
bezier-curve-p0: Bezier Curves
bezier-curve-p1: Bezier Curves
bezier-curve-p2: Bezier Curves
bezier-curve-p3: Bezier Curves
bezier-curve-point-at: Bezier Curves
bezier-curve-point-at!: Bezier Curves
bezier-curve?: Bezier Curves
bezier-path: Bezier Curves
bezier-to: Vector Paths
black: Colors
blend:add: Blending
blend:alpha: Blending
blend:darken: Blending
blend:lighten: Blending
blend:multiply: Blending
blend:replace: Blending
blend:screen: Blending
blend:subtract: Blending
blue: Colors
bool: Shaders
buffer-data: Buffers
buffer-length: Buffers
buffer-name: Buffers
buffer-stride: Buffers
buffer-target: Buffers
buffer-usage: Buffers
buffer-view->buffer: Buffers
buffer-view-component-type: Buffers
buffer-view-divisor: Buffers
buffer-view-name: Buffers
buffer-view-offset: Buffers
buffer-view-type: Buffers
buffer-view?: Buffers
buffer?: Buffers

call-when: Agendas
cancel-script: Scripts
canvas?: Vector Paths
cell-count: Grid
cell?: Grid
channel-get: Channels
channel-get!: Channels
channel-put: Channels
channel-put!: Channels
channel?: Channels
circle: Vector Paths
clamp: Basics
close-path: Vector Paths
color*: Colors
color+: Colors
color-: Colors
color-a: Colors
color-b: Colors
color-g: Colors
color-inverse: Colors
color-lerp: Colors
color-r: Colors
color?: Colors
controller-axis: Input Devices
controller-button-pressed?: Input Devices
controller-button-released?: Input Devices
controller-name: Input Devices
cotan: Basics
current-agenda: Agendas
current-agenda: Agendas
current-blend-mode: Rendering Engine
current-depth-test: Rendering Engine
current-framebuffer: Rendering Engine
current-projection: Rendering Engine
current-texture: Rendering Engine
current-viewport: Rendering Engine
current-window: Window Manipulation
cyan: Colors

define-shader-type: Shaders
degrees->radians: Basics
distance-model: The Environment
doppler-factor: The Environment
draw-9-patch: 9-Patches
draw-canvas: Vector Paths
draw-model: 3D Models
draw-particles: Particles
draw-particles*: Particles
draw-sprite: Sprites
draw-sprite-batch: Sprites
draw-text: Fonts
draw-tile-map: Tile Maps

ease-in-cubic: Easings
ease-in-out-cubic: Easings
ease-in-out-quad: Easings
ease-in-out-quart: Easings
ease-in-out-quint: Easings
ease-in-out-sine: Easings
ease-in-quad: Easings
ease-in-quart: Easings
ease-in-quint: Easings
ease-in-sine: Easings
ease-out-cubic: Easings
ease-out-quad: Easings
ease-out-quart: Easings
ease-out-quint: Easings
ease-out-sine: Easings
elapsed-time: The Game Loop
ellipse: Vector Paths
every: Agendas
every: Agendas

fill: Vector Paths
fill-and-stroke: Vector Paths
float: Shaders
float-vec2: Shaders
float-vec3: Shaders
float-vec4: Shaders
font-bold?: Fonts
font-face: Fonts
font-italic?: Fonts
font-line-height: Fonts
font-line-height: Fonts
font?: Fonts
for-each-cell: Grid
for-each-item: Grid
forever: Scripts
framebuffer-texture: Framebuffers
framebuffer-viewport: Framebuffers
framebuffer?: Framebuffers

green: Colors
grid-add: Grid
grid-cell-count: Grid
grid-cell-size: Grid
grid-clear: Grid
grid-item-count: Grid
grid-move: Grid
grid-remove: Grid
grid?: Grid

hide-window!: Window Manipulation

index-buffer?: Buffers
int: Shaders

key-pressed?: Input Devices
key-released?: Input Devices

lerp: Basics
line: Vector Paths
line-to: Vector Paths
linear: Easings
listener-orientation: The Listener
listener-position: The Listener
listener-velocity: The Listener
listener-volume: The Listener
load-audio: Audio Files
load-bitmap-font: Fonts
load-font: Fonts
load-gltf: 3D Models
load-image: Textures
load-obj: 3D Models
load-shader: Shaders
load-tile-map: Tile Maps
load-tileset: Textures
local-field: Shaders

magenta: Colors
make-agenda: Agendas
make-bezier-curve: Bezier Curves
make-blend-mode: Blending
make-buffer: Buffers
make-buffer-view: Buffers
make-canvas: Vector Paths
make-channel: Channels
make-color: Colors
make-empty-canvas: Vector Paths
make-framebuffer: Framebuffers
make-grid: Grid
make-identity-matrix3: Matrices
make-identity-matrix4: Matrices
make-identity-quaternion: Quaternions
make-matrix3: Matrices
make-matrix4: Matrices
make-null-matrix3: Matrices
make-null-matrix4: Matrices
make-particle-emitter: Particles
make-particles: Particles
make-path-finder: Path Finding
make-rect: Rectangles
make-shader: Shaders
make-source: Sources
make-sprite-batch: Sprites
make-vertex-array: Buffers
make-viewport: Viewports
map-object-id: Tile Maps
map-object-name: Tile Maps
map-object-properties: Tile Maps
map-object-shape: Tile Maps
map-object-type: Tile Maps
map-object?: Tile Maps
mat4: Shaders
matrix3*: Matrices
matrix3-identity!: Matrices
matrix3-mult!: Matrices
matrix3-rotate: Matrices
matrix3-rotate!: Matrices
matrix3-scale: Matrices
matrix3-scale!: Matrices
matrix3-transform: Matrices
matrix3-transform!: Matrices
matrix3-translate: Matrices
matrix3-translate!: Matrices
matrix3?: Matrices
matrix4*: Matrices
matrix4-2d-transform!: Matrices
matrix4-identity!: Matrices
matrix4-mult!: Matrices
matrix4-rotate: Matrices
matrix4-rotate!: Matrices
matrix4-rotate-z: Matrices
matrix4-rotate-z!: Matrices
matrix4-scale: Matrices
matrix4-scale!: Matrices
matrix4-transform!: Matrices
matrix4-translate: Matrices
matrix4-translate!: Matrices
matrix4?: Matrices
maximize-window!: Window Manipulation
minimize-window!: Window Manipulation
model?: 3D Models
mouse-button-pressed?: Input Devices
mouse-button-released?: Input Devices
mouse-x: Input Devices
mouse-y: Input Devices
move-to: Vector Paths

null-buffer: Buffers
null-framebuffer: Framebuffers
null-shader: Shaders
null-vertex-array: Buffers

object-layer-name: Tile Maps
object-layer-objects: Tile Maps
object-layer-properties: Tile Maps
object-layer?: Tile Maps
orthographic-projection: Matrices

pad: Vector Paths
particle-emitter-done?: Particles
particle-emitter-life: Particles
particle-emitter-rate: Particles
particle-emitter-spawn-area: Particles
particle-emitter?: Particles
particles?: Particles
path: Vector Paths
path-finder?: Path Finding
perspective-projection: Matrices
pi: Basics
pi/2: Basics
point->tile: Tile Maps
polygon-points: Tile Maps
polygon?: Tile Maps
polyline: Vector Paths

quaternion: Quaternions
quaternion-w: Quaternions
quaternion-x: Quaternions
quaternion-y: Quaternions
quaternion-z: Quaternions
quaternion?: Quaternions

radians->degrees: Basics
raise-window!: Window Manipulation
rect: Rectangles
rect-area: Rectangles
rect-bottom: Rectangles
rect-center-x: Rectangles
rect-center-y: Rectangles
rect-clamp: Rectangles
rect-clamp!: Rectangles
rect-clamp-x: Rectangles
rect-clamp-y: Rectangles
rect-clip: Rectangles
rect-clip!: Rectangles
rect-contains-vec2?: Rectangles
rect-contains?: Rectangles
rect-height: Rectangles
rect-inflate: Rectangles
rect-inflate!: Rectangles
rect-intersects?: Rectangles
rect-left: Rectangles
rect-move: Rectangles
rect-move!: Rectangles
rect-move-by: Rectangles
rect-move-by!: Rectangles
rect-move-by-vec2: Rectangles
rect-move-by-vec2!: Rectangles
rect-move-vec2: Rectangles
rect-move-vec2!: Rectangles
rect-right: Rectangles
rect-top: Rectangles
rect-union: Rectangles
rect-union!: Rectangles
rect-width: Rectangles
rect-within?: Rectangles
rect-x: Rectangles
rect-y: Rectangles
rect?: Rectangles
rectangle: Vector Paths
red: Colors
regular-polygon: Vector Paths
remove-particle-emitter: Particles
restore-window!: Window Manipulation
rgb: Colors
rgba: Colors
rotate: Vector Paths
rounded-rectangle: Vector Paths
run-game: The Game Loop
run-game*: The Game Loop

sampler-2d: Shaders
scale: Vector Paths
schedule-after: Agendas
schedule-at: Agendas
schedule-every: Agendas
script: Scripts
script-cancelled?: Scripts
script-complete?: Scripts
script-running?: Scripts
script?: Scripts
set-canvas-matrix!: Vector Paths
set-canvas-painter!: Vector Paths
set-distance-model!: The Environment
set-doppler-factor!: The Environment
set-listener-orientation!: The Listener
set-listener-position!: The Listener
set-listener-velocity!: The Listener
set-listener-volume!: The Listener
set-rect-height!: Rectangles
set-rect-width!: Rectangles
set-rect-x!: Rectangles
set-rect-y!: Rectangles
set-source-audio!: Sources
set-source-cone-inner-angle!: Sources
set-source-cone-outer-angle!: Sources
set-source-cone-outer-volume!: Sources
set-source-direction!: Sources
set-source-loop!: Sources
set-source-max-distance!: Sources
set-source-max-volume!: Sources
set-source-min-volume!: Sources
set-source-pitch!: Sources
set-source-position!: Sources
set-source-reference-distance!: Sources
set-source-relative!: Sources
set-source-rolloff-factor!: Sources
set-source-velocity!: Sources
set-source-volume!: Sources
set-speed-of-sound!: The Environment
set-sprite-batch-texture!: Sprites
set-vec2!: Vectors
set-vec2-x!: Vectors
set-vec2-y!: Vectors
set-vec3!: Vectors
set-vec3-x!: Vectors
set-vec3-y!: Vectors
set-vec3-z!: Vectors
set-window-border!: Window Manipulation
set-window-fullscreen!: Window Manipulation
set-window-position!: Window Manipulation
set-window-size!: Window Manipulation
set-window-title!: Window Manipulation
shader-apply: Rendering Engine
shader-apply*: Rendering Engine
shader-apply/instanced: Rendering Engine
shader-apply/instanced: Rendering Engine
shader-attributes: Shaders
shader-data-type?: Shaders
shader-uniform: Shaders
shader-uniform-set!: Shaders
shader-uniforms: Shaders
shader?: Shaders
show-window!: Window Manipulation
sleep: Scripts
slide: Grid
smoothstep: Easings
source-cone-inner-angle: Sources
source-cone-outer-angle: Sources
source-cone-outer-volume: Sources
source-direction: Sources
source-max-distance: Sources
source-max-volume: Sources
source-min-volume: Sources
source-pause: Sources
source-paused?: Sources
source-pitch: Sources
source-play: Sources
source-playing?: Sources
source-position: Sources
source-reference-distance: Sources
source-relative?: Sources
source-rewind: Sources
source-rolloff-factor: Sources
source-stop: Sources
source-stopped?: Sources
source-toggle: Sources
source-velocity: Sources
source-volume: Sources
source?: Sources
spawn-script: Scripts
speed-of-sound: The Environment
split-texture: Textures
sprite-batch-add!: Sprites
sprite-batch-clear!: Sprites
sprite-batch-texture: Sprites
sprite-batch?: Sprites
square: Vector Paths
static-audio?: Audio Files
static-source?: Sources
streaming-audio?: Audio Files
streaming-source?: Sources
string->color: Colors
strings->shader: Shaders
stroke: Vector Paths
superimpose: Vector Paths

tango-aluminium-1: Colors
tango-aluminium-2: Colors
tango-aluminium-3: Colors
tango-aluminium-4: Colors
tango-aluminium-5: Colors
tango-aluminium-6: Colors
tango-butter: Colors
tango-chameleon: Colors
tango-chocolate: Colors
tango-dark-butter: Colors
tango-dark-chameleon: Colors
tango-dark-chocolate: Colors
tango-dark-orange: Colors
tango-dark-plum: Colors
tango-dark-scarlet-red: Colors
tango-dark-sky-blue: Colors
tango-light-butter: Colors
tango-light-chameleon: Colors
tango-light-chocolate: Colors
tango-light-orange: Colors
tango-light-plum: Colors
tango-light-scarlet-red: Colors
tango-light-sky-blue: Colors
tango-orange: Colors
tango-plum: Colors
tango-scarlet-red: Colors
tango-sky-blue: Colors
texture-atlas-ref: Textures
texture-atlas-texture: Textures
texture-atlas?: Textures
texture-height: Textures
texture-mag-filter: Textures
texture-min-filter: Textures
texture-parent: Textures
texture-region?: Textures
texture-width: Textures
texture-wrap-s: Textures
texture-wrap-t: Textures
texture?: Textures
tile-animation: Tile Maps
tile-id: Tile Maps
tile-layer-height: Tile Maps
tile-layer-name: Tile Maps
tile-layer-properties: Tile Maps
tile-layer-tiles: Tile Maps
tile-layer-width: Tile Maps
tile-layer?: Tile Maps
tile-map-height: Tile Maps
tile-map-layers: Tile Maps
tile-map-orientation: Tile Maps
tile-map-properties: Tile Maps
tile-map-tile-height: Tile Maps
tile-map-tile-width: Tile Maps
tile-map-tilesets: Tile Maps
tile-map-width: Tile Maps
tile-map?: Tile Maps
tile-properties: Tile Maps
tile?: Tile Maps
tileset-atlas: Tile Maps
tileset-columns: Tile Maps
tileset-first-gid: Tile Maps
tileset-name: Tile Maps
tileset-properties: Tile Maps
tileset-rows: Tile Maps
tileset-size: Tile Maps
tileset-tile-height: Tile Maps
tileset-tile-width: Tile Maps
tileset-tiles: Tile Maps
tileset?: Tile Maps
transform: Vector Paths
translate: Vector Paths
transparency: Colors
tween: Tweening

uniform-name: Shaders
uniform-type: Shaders
uniform-value: Shaders
uniform?: Shaders
unsigned-int: Shaders
update-agenda: Agendas
update-particles: Particles

vec2: Vectors
vec2*: Vectors
vec2+: Vectors
vec2-: Vectors
vec2-add!: Vectors
vec2-clamp-to-rect!: Rectangles
vec2-copy: Vectors
vec2-copy!: Vectors
vec2-dot-product: Vectors
vec2-magnitude: Vectors
vec2-mult!: Vectors
vec2-normalize: Vectors
vec2-sub!: Vectors
vec2-x: Vectors
vec2-y: Vectors
vec2/polar: Vectors
vec2?: Vectors
vec3: Vectors
vec3*: Vectors
vec3+: Vectors
vec3-: Vectors
vec3-add!: Vectors
vec3-copy: Vectors
vec3-copy!: Vectors
vec3-cross: Vectors
vec3-cross!: Vectors
vec3-dot-product: Vectors
vec3-magnitude: Vectors
vec3-mult!: Vectors
vec3-normalize: Vectors
vec3-sub!: Vectors
vec3-x: Vectors
vec3-y: Vectors
vec3-z: Vectors
vec3?: Vectors
vertex-array-attributes: Buffers
vertex-array-indices: Buffers
vertex-array-mode: Buffers
vertex-array?: Buffers
viewport-clear-color: Viewports
viewport-clear-flags: Viewports
viewport-height: Viewports
viewport-width: Viewports
viewport-x: Viewports
viewport-y: Viewports
viewport?: Viewports

wait-until: Scripts
white: Colors
window-height: Window Manipulation
window-title: Window Manipulation
window-width: Window Manipulation
window-x: Window Manipulation
window-y: Window Manipulation
window?: Window Manipulation
with-agenda: Agendas
with-blend-mode: Rendering Engine
with-depth-test: Rendering Engine
with-framebuffer: Rendering Engine
with-mapped-buffer: Buffers
with-mapped-buffer-view: Buffers
with-projection: Rendering Engine
with-style: Vector Paths
with-texture: Rendering Engine
with-viewport: Rendering Engine

yellow: Colors
yield: Scripts

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