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5.2 Posts

(use-modules (haunt post))

Posts represent the articles that are kept in a site’s post directory and written in a markup format that Haunt can understand. see Readers) for how files on disk can be transformed into posts.

Scheme Procedure: make-post file-name metadata sxml

Create a new post object that represents the contents of the file file-name. The body of the post, sxml, is represented as an SXML tree (see SXML in GNU Guile Reference Manual) and the metadata is an association list (see Association Lists in GNU Guile Reference Manual) of arbitrary key/value pairs.

Scheme Procedure: post? object

Return #t if object is a post.

Scheme Procedure: post-file-name post

Return the file name for post.

Scheme Procedure: post-metadata post

Return the metadata association list for post.

Scheme Procedure: post-sxml post

Return the SXML tree for post.

Scheme Procedure: post-ref post key

Return the metadata value corresponding to key within post.

Scheme Procedure: post-slug post

Transform the title of post into a URL slug suitable for the file name of a web page.

Scheme Variable: %default-date

The default date of a post when no other date is specified in the metadata association list.

Scheme Procedure: post-date post

Return the date for post, or %default-date if no date is specified.

Scheme Procedure: posts/reverse-chronological posts

Sort posts, a list of posts, in reverse chronological order.

Scheme Procedure: posts/group-by-tag posts

Create an association list of tags mapped to the posts in the list posts that used them.

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