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5.3.2 Texinfo

(use-modules (haunt reader texinfo))
Scheme Procedure: texinfo-reader

A reader for posts written in texinfo, the official documentation format of the GNU project. Metadata is encoded as key: value pairs, one per line, at the beginning of the file. A line with the --- sentinel marks the end of the metadata section and the rest of the file is encoded as HTML.


title: Hello, Texi!
date: 2016-08-20 12:00
tags: texinfo, foo

@emph{Texinfo} is the official documentation format of the
@url{, GNU project}.  It was invented by Richard
Stallman and Bob Chassell many years ago, loosely based on Brian
Reid's Scribe and other formatting languages of the time.  It is
used by many non-GNU projects as well.