Introducing Haunt

August 08, 2015

I am pleased to announce the first alpha release of Haunt, yet another static site generator. Does the world really need another one of those? No, but Haunt is special because it is written in Guile Scheme, a clean and elegant Lisp dialect, which allows users to compose their websites using functional programming techniques. Using a general-purpose, extensible programming language to build websites allows Haunt users to view their website as not just mere data, but a program. Haunt empowers the user to build the abstractions they need to make a great static website without getting in the way.

At its core, Haunt is a very simple program. To build your site, Haunt takes your posts and static assets as input, passes them to a series of user-defined building procedures that return one or more pages, and outputs all of the generated pages to the file system. That's all there is to it. All of the "good stuff" is implemented in the builder procedures. Haunt 0.1 comes with simple blog and Atom feed generators.

Haunt is built to be as hackable as possible, and patches to improve it are very much welcome. In particular, new post readers for common formats such as org-mode and Markdown are desired, along with a more robust blog builder and theme engine. In lieu of a mailing list, patches may be sent to davet at

This blog is built with Haunt, by the way. :)

Source tarball: haunt-0.1.tar.gz

GPG signature haunt-0.1.tar.gz.sig

Happy haunting!